Here’s what my coaches say…


It is my absolute pleasure to write a recommendation letter for Miss. Bella

Berger. Bella played on my team for the 2021-2022 club volleyball season at the 13 Black level. From the minute the season started, to the final play of our last tournament, Bella was monumental in pushing and motivating our team to be the best they can be.

I got the opportunity to watch her progress in the previous season, and coach her in the next and she was nothing short of a fantastic teammate. At any time during drills or training, she is the first to volunteer for additional reps, always telling any groaning teammates how much it will make them all better. During games, whether the team is ahead or behind, Bella is the ray of positivity and hard work that pushes them through the ruts. In addition to having a strong and positive attitude, Bella is also the kind of girl who thinks about the next level details in gameplay. At the beginning of our season she had only played back-row, and by the end she was one of my most consistent and strategic players. Being able to decide when to tip or swing, and when/where to place the ball became a huge strength of hers, and our teams. All in all, she is a very well-rounded, positive, and aggressive player!

Bella has many qualities that make her not only a great player & teammate, but the best thing about her is how coachable she is. She is the kind of girl that is always looking for something else that she can improve on, and always hungry for more. That kind of energy and determination is contagious and fuels not only her growth, but the growth of the individuals around her! Coaching Bella and watching her progress was an opportunity I was blessed to have, and I know that in the future she will make herself a true asset to any team and organization she is a part of. I highly recommend Bella Berger without any reservations, as I am confident that she will be as influential to your program and team, as she was to mine.


With great pleasure, I am writing this recommendation letter for Bella Berger.

I had the honor of coaching Bella at the Ballistic Volleyball Club. While she was a year younger than most of her fellow teammates, Bella rose to the occasion and was an integral part of the team. Her skill set allowed our team to become one of the top teams in the state of Colorado.

Over the course of the season I got to know Bella very well. She has won my heart by her positive attitude and growth mindset. At a young age she is already showing a great ability to manage her mistakes. Not only does Bella have great mental toughness but she is a hard worker. In practice she will take constructive criticism and apply it right away to better her skills.

Her skill set includes; aggressive jump serves, powerful approach and arm swing when hitting, strong passing form, and the ability to read the ball on defense.

I have supreme confidence that as Bella gets older her skills are only going to become more refined and a huge asset to whichever team she is on.